Clouds have always been great.

They were great when they were in the form of mainframes, and they were great when workloads were moved to data centers hosted and managed by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Much like mainframes of yesteryear, these first generational Cloud Service Providers (CSP) were monolithic and siloed with their approach to integrating business and technology – fitting your square peg into a round hole. Often times the CSPs drove decisions for lines of business due to a lack of application and technology convergence.

The next generation is here: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides superconverged solutions across all lines of business. This composable architecture decouples application and data silos to deliver rapid solutions for various enterprise problems. Oracle is re-writing the Cloud story and doing away with as-a-service (XaaS) product offerings opting for a unified cloud experience.

The continuous development and integration of new OCI services and features, while exciting, can be overwhelming for natives and noobies alike.

I have a lot of guidance to share after 20 years working Oracle apps and technologies, the last 10 years working with CSPs, 4 of those years working Oracle Cloud Classic, and now over a year working in OCI. I’m excited to share my knowledge and hear the feedback.

Stay tuned to this blog and join the conversation!

Damon G. Brown (@db4645)
“Cloud Guy”

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