Hi! I’m Damon G. Brown. Thanks for stopping by.

I started working with Oracle technologies in 1996, cutting my teeth on building an OSHA database for an oil refinery outside Denver. That experience working on Oracle7 changed my career path, and life would never be the same.

After working for a global telecom, coding Y2K patches for IVR and Switches, I joined Oracle in 2000 as Senior Principal for their budding Telecom & Utilities consulting practice. I spent the next eight years on the road working at global telecommunication, utilities, and supply chain enterprises developing E-Business Suite’s service delivery and fulfillment platforms. These solutions were built atop of Oracle’s first XML gateway, and our work paved the way for integrating workflows, queues, and messaging with ERP systems.

In 2008 I joined a top-10 financial institution as an enterprise architect delivering general ledger, performance management, and financial analytics solutions for Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, TARP, and IFRS during the Great Recession.

While I love the challenge of delivering global enterprise solutions, I find my inner joy working and launching startups. Beginning in 2013, my passion drove me into various startups that disconnected me from the Oracle landscape that I built my career upon. I began working with cloud native applications built for mobile platforms, deployed in the cloud. Nothing can be more exhilarating than rekindling your passion; I found it rewarding to work on both sides of cloud business and technology. I felt that my Oracle career had ended and that AWS was my future.

Low and behold in 2015, the new Oracle launched what is now referred to as Oracle Cloud Classic. Much like Coke Classic, the gen1 Oracle Cloud was the foundation for future products. I merged my newfound passion of Cloud deployments with my Oracle Applications knowledge and began migrating customers to Oracle Cloud. Like all startups, we had our bumps and bruises; while the performance was great, the security and features were lacking. It appeared that Oracle was mimicking AWS failures.

Oracle realized their shortcomings and launched the NextGen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in 2018. Finally the transformation from the old to the new Oracle was underway. Their vision of a unified cloud from applications to infrastructure sent shockwaves through the market. Oracle is now poised and positioned to support startups, small and medium sized businesses, as well as the mid-large cap enterprises that they have always supported. If you think Oracle is too big for your organization – let’s chat, you’ll be surprised.

I have been with Mythics, Inc., Oracle’s largest North American Platinum Partner, as an Enterprise Cloud Architect assisting commercial, private, and federal customers plan, build, migrate, and manage workloads in Oracle Cloud since 2016.